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July 23 2012

We continue on our journey to Germany, passing back through Dutch waters as we move North. The Götheborg glides past sand shoals and small inlets of Netherlands and our previous destination of Den Helder. A once mighty port in the 18th century, Den Helder is still visited by ships from around the globe, and we are signaled time and again during the day by ships of all shapes and sizes, from many countries. The Dutch coast guard satisfied their curiosity and amazement at the ship by circling us at 50 meters with one of their helicopters.

The Götheborg set all available sails today, and filled her reflection in the water with a white glow as the sheets were filled with wind. Conditions for sailing are optimal today and the wind has been fully at our backs since breakfast. The sun continues to shine throughout the day with no clouds in sight. In addition to being the perfect weather to sail, there could be no better time to learn the true mechanics of the ship. Deck hands crowd around their watch leaders in the shadows of the sails to see first hand the art and science of sailing a square rigger. Deck hands learn to trim the sails and brace the yard to fill the sails with the optimal amount of wind to make the Götheborg reach our destination as quickly as possible. She is deceptively fast as she cruises along at 8 knots without any engine power whatsoever. Each new day the ship becomes more beautiful to the eye as the crew continues  to renovate her, her fresh paint gleans in the sunlight. The bright hues of red, blue and yellow spread across her deck, filling the crew with pride at their handiwork. As we cross into German waters, the Götheborg is looking more graceful and proud then ever and the crew carries her well. We pray for more sailing tomorrow and the wind at our backs all the way to Bremerhaven.


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