The Swedish Ship sat sails toward Germany

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The Swedish Ship Götheborg will arrive to Bremerhaven and Bremerhaven Festival Week on July 25th, a high-spirited festival with activities at sea as well as on land.

Bremerhaven Festival Week, which is one of the North Sea area’s largest Maritime Festivals, has been celebrated since the mid-1970s, and attracts ships from all over the world.

“There will be a lot of activities, our ship and all of the other once will be open for public. Among other things, there will be music and markets that presents seamanship and maritime craft” says Emanuel Persson, Expedition Manager at the Swedish East India Company.

Bremerhaven presents a large part of Germany’s maritime heritage, both as a place of revolution and as an international port. The city is also famous for its maritime museums, research institutes and cultural centers.

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