Bremerhaven is now our destination

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July 19th, 2012

We were awakened this morning to assist in bringing supplies onto the ship for the week journey to Bremerhaven. All manner of vegetables, meats, fruits and even cookies were passed through a line from the dock to the ship and into the hold to help feed a hungry crew. Our chef, Paul, never ceases to amaze with his food, and the crew eagerly awaits his next meal with each pass of the next crate onboard.

The task completed, we set about making the Göteborg ready for sail. We pulled up her gangway, released the lines from her dock and said goodbye to Brest. As we left port, all manner of sailing vessels began to follow us. Small boats like ants crowded around the Göteborg, gliding to and fro to get a better look, wave and take a picture. We saluted with our cannons as we approached the mouth of the bay, a sound which ricocheted off the castle walls of the port with a loud whistle. As we continued onwards and traveled along the coast of France, we were joined by even more vessels, some almost as impressive as the Göteborg.

Fair weather followed us into the evening with sunshine and a light breeze. As some deckhands furled the last sails high up in the main mast, the rest of the tired crew took a chance to take naps on the deck, sunning themselves in the rays of the Atlantic. Everyone is elated at the fact that we are finally at sea, and prays for a wind to our back to set the sails and hear the quiet snapping of the canvas. The sound of boat horns are heard in the distance as the first waves of open waters lap against the bow of the Göteborg. The French coast slowly fades in the distance behind us, with deckhands still at work. Brest is now a memory, and Bremerhaven is our destination.

/Dylan Photo: Sarah Ranard

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