We are ready to sail once again

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July 18th, 2012

Yesterday evening was hectic and rather confusing with the French national news broadcasting a full hour of coverage and interviews here at the festival. Cords, lights and wires tangled with hemp rope and the wood of the ship in preparation for the live show.

We climbed the rigging in our 18th century clothing to add ambience to the filming, while French TV personalities talked in the foreground. There were lights and cameras everywhere for what was a big night in France for the Göteborg. We received a surprise when another historical replica ship, the French Corsair “Etoile du Roy” came into the Inlet and passed us. Seeing another historical ship side by side with the Göteborg was a beautiful sight. Known only to the ships Officers and the TV crew, we were in for another surprise. As we furled the sails, the Etoile du Roy came about and we engaged her with our cannons. She fired back in a short but exciting firefight as the French TV cameras rolled. The crowd watching from the shoreline was ecstatic and cheered loudly when the guns had silenced. We all felt a sense of excitement, even if the fray only lasted a minute. The crew went to bed tired but content in the publicity the Göteborg had received.

With the excitement of last night over, today greeted us with more preparation work, as it was our last full day in Brest. The crew is prepared for the voyage, and is eager to set sail. The fervor to complete all the tasks that were needed to make the ship sea-worthy was high, and working around the tourists still visiting the ship on the last day made it more difficult. After another long day, the many tasks are done, and it is time for sleep. We smell of wood smoke from the sticky tar covering our aching hands as we climb into our hammocks. With the watch still rotating, each crew member still has to take turns guarding the ship while the others sleep.

With hard work comes a bond, and the sound of laughter over coffee can be heard even now in the late evening as the sun sets in Brest. You can see the confidence in the eyes of the crew beginning to understand the workings of the ship, and a positive attitude fills her hull. Ships still pass back and forth through the bay in the night, their black silhouettes blocking out glow of the fireworks that shine onto the water like a mirror.

We are ready to sail once again, to leave this beautiful city and journey North towards Germany.

Photo: Sarah Renard

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