A new voyage to China awaits!

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The Swedish ship Götheborg sails to China again. The ship will make new expeditions to different parts of the world during the coming seven years. This is made possible through an agreement signed between SOIC AB and a Chinese partner, Xiamen Hanhaizunlong Yacht Co Ltd, that secures the company’s financial position to 2021. The new agreement was signed friday in Göteborg during a ceremony at Chalmerska huset by Chen Jian, director of Xiamen Hanhaizunlong Yacht Co Ltd and Lars G Malmer, chairman of SOIC AB.

– With this agreement the Swedish ship Götheborg can continue to sail the seven seas and work as a platform to market Sweden, it’s businesses and culture, completely in line with the purpose of the foundation of the East Indiaman Götheborg. At the same time our partner will be spreading knowledge about the province of Fuijan and the city Xiamen. We shall together work towards an increase in business and cultural exchange with the countries that the ship visits, says Lars G Malmer.

Chen Jian underlines that the ship is a beautiful symbol for the Chinese – Swedish relations that goes several hundred years back in time. An increase in environmental responsibility in the society is also necessary today and with the Götheborg we can awake positive attention and spread this message. Chen Jian does not want to give an exact amount for their financial engagement, but states that it involves several tens of million Swedish kronors.

The first voyage starts in April 2014 and the destination is the city Xiamen in southeast China. The ship will rest there for a few months and afterwards the intention is that she will sail along the Chinese coast and visit several of the bigger cities there. Later voyages to other countries and continents awaits. Götheborg will continue to sail under Swedish flag.

– After the now ongoing expedition, that ends on September 7, time in the shipyard awaits for planned maintenance work. After that the preparations for the voyage to China follows, says Håkan Beskow, director for SOIC AB. According to the preliminary plan Götheborg will depart in the beginning of April 2014. The voyage is planned to go via Cadiz, Cannes, Civitavecchia (the harbor city of Rome), Suez Canal, Djibouti, Kozhikode, Maldives, India, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, Tian Jin to Xiamen. The voyage is expected to take a good half year.

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