Svenska Ostindiska Companiet (SOIC)

Svenska Ostindiska Companiet (the Swedish East India Company), Sweden’s most successful brand ever, was formed in 1731. The company traded with China up until 1813. Altogether the trading company carried out 132 expeditions with 37 ships. In 1993 SOIC was founded once again. Its aim was to bring back to life, manage, cultivate and further develop the art of Swedish shipbuilding and old shipping knowledge. Knowledge that otherwise risked being lost forever. But above all the goal was for the ship to go on expeditions to distant countries and be a relation-building door-opener for Swedish trade and culture in the world. In 2017, a new chapter in The Swedish Ship Götheborg’s history is written. After having carried out a total of eight expeditions and visited more than seventy ports around the world during ten years of time, the ship will now become a new historic visitor destination in the city of Gothenburg.


Svenska Ostindiska Companiet
Eriksberg Pir Fyra 2
SE-417 64 Gothenburg

Company registration number: 556479 – 5747

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