The Swedish Ship Götheborg’s home port and SOIC’s offices are located at Eriksberg, Norra Älvstranden in Gothenburg. The organisation is structured as shown in the chart below.


Management and administration

This department deals with the company’s future strategies and the financial, legal and HR issues.

Chatrine Fritzell, Chief Executive Officer
Katarina Eldh, Head of finance

Market and communications

The market and communications department work with the company’s market planning and visitor activities. This includes everything from partnership with existing and new customers, marketing and communications, the ship’s operations for the general public, school visits, corporate events and dinners, conferences and lectures.

Linda Mattsson, Marketing Coordinator
Maja Rönnbäck, Public Relations Manager

Ship and maintenance

Ship & Construction works on the day-to-day maintenance of the ship and the workshop on the pier. The ship maintenance can be divided into sailmaking, rigging and hull maintenance.

Joakim Severinson, Master Shipwright and Fleet Manager
Sven-Göran Johansson, Maintenace
Nils Myers, Technical Manager
Marie-Louise Edholm, Rigging Manager



Eriksberg Pir Fyra 2
417 64 Gothenburg

Company registration number: 556479 – 5747

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