Payment agreement and cancellation rules

SOIC has the following rules and agreements regarding payment and cancellation for deckhands on The Swedish Ship Götheborg.


The fee to participate as a deckhand on the Swedish ship Götheborg is split in two payments:

1. Sign up fee
2. End payment

Sign up fee
In connection with the admission notification The Swedish East India Company takes out the first part of the payment (here called “sign up fee”). The sign up fee is 2000 SEK of the sailing legs total amount and shall be paid to The Swedish East India Company within 10 days after receiving the admission e-mail. When paying the sign up fee the deckhand is guaranteed his/her offered position and obliges to pay the next part in accordance with the agreement.

Please note that the sign up fee is nonrefundable.

End payment
As soon as the sign up fee is paid, the deckhand is asked to pay the additional amount (“end payment”). This payment shall be made to SOIC within 2 months, but at the latest 1 month before signing on the ship. If the deckhand does not pay the amount for the voyage according to the agreement, SOIC has the right to cancel the agreement and keep the sign up fee.

Volunteer legs
For the sailing legs that are free of charge (volunteer leg) no sign up fee is needed to confirm your place aboard, but the volunteer has to confirm the offered position. This is done by sending confirmation e-mail to the head of recruiting ( within 10 days of the admission notification.

If the volunteer has been offered a position on more than one leg, one email with the information about which legs that he/she wants to be confirmed is enough. No answer or a late confirmation means that the position is lost.


When cancelling earlier than 2 months before the sailing leg in question the whole amount of the end payment is refunded. When cancelling later than 2 months but earlier than 1 month before the sign on date 50 % of the end payment is refunded. When cancelling later than 1 month before signing on SOIC has the right to keep the whole amount.

The cancellation rules are valid in case of death, urgent illness or an accident that occurs to the deckhand himself/herself, his/her partner, children, parents, sisters, brothers or grandparents.

On cancellation a doctor’s certificate from a non-biased doctor should always be attached.

For cancellation, please contact Andrea Alexandersson at:


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