Sponsorship Philosophy

In its day Svenska Ostindiska Companiet (the Swedish East India Company) was a strong symbol for the whole of Sweden. The same is our ambition still today, as one of Sweden’s most spectacular commercial and cultural projects of the modern age. The business bridges we are building will give you, as a business partner, plenty of scope to meet decision-makers and create relationships at professional levels.

Through frequent expeditions near and far, we build contacts and promote international cultural and business exchange in a unique, effective way. As a sponsor of the Swedish Ship Götheborg, you help keep wind in the sails. But above all, you gain access to a unique setting. A platform open to a host of activities such as dinners for clients, company gatherings, seminars, customer meetings, conferences, exhibitions and much more, all building goodwill and leading to tangible results. The strong public interest also makes the ship a public affair which opens up further marketing possibilities.

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