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About the Expedition

This summer the Swedish Ship Götheborg will head out on a four month long tour in Europe, the European Tour 2015. The tour lasts from early June to late September. On the European Tour 2015, the ship will also sail to Lake Vänern and stop over in five cities, during the unique tour Vänern Tour.

On the 4th of June, the Swedish Ship Götheborg start its summer tour. The ship sets sail from her home port Gothenburg and sail north with first stop over along the coast of Bohuslän and Oslo in Norway. In late June we will return to Gothenburg for a week in the home port where the ship will participate in the festivities at the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race. Thereafter the Swedish Ship Götheborg will be rigged down to then be able to go up through the Göta Älv to Lake Vänern.

Vänern Tour has stopover in five cities; Vänersborg, Kristinehamn, Lidköping, Karlstad and Åmål. After Vänern Tour, in late July, we go down the river Göta Älv and leave Vänern to sail south in Europe. The ship will visit the great maritime event Sail Bremerhaven and the world’s largest maritime festival Sail Amsterdam in mid-August. Then awaits a number of stop overs in the UK to finally set seals to the home port of the ship Gothenburg.

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