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Apply to become our social media blogger during this summer on the tour European Tour 2015. We are looking for one blogger per sailing leg, it is also possible to sail several legs. You need to have good knowledge about the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

On the 4th of June 2015 we cast off for the summer tour, European Tour 2015. The tour is four months long with 11 sailing legs and the ship will visit 17 ports.

During the tour SOICs digital channels (website and social media) will act as the ship’s fixed point for information and communication. It is very important that the information and communication that takes place through these channels is both timely, interesting and relevant.

We have in previous expeditions had photographers, videographers and bloggers who sailed with us. SOIC have made use of the material produced on the website, Facebook, social media, newsletters and advertising material.

Purpose and objectives
Before this year’s expedition will SOIC make a retake regarding the documentation when we in the current situation already have tens of thousands of photographs and documentation films. Before this year’s expedition, we see a need to develop materials which are contiguous and we want to work for The Swedish Ship Götheborgs’ place in social media. We want to recruit one social media blogger per sailing leg, it is also possible to sail several legs.

The blogger will be our public face and report from the ship in our channels of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). The channels will get a frequently update with interesting personal interviews, life on board and in port and travel documentation.

The primary goal is to give live reports from the ship and to increase interest in The Swedish Ship Götheborg and the European Tour 2015. We want to draw more visitors to the website and increase the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the social media that we use at present. We have the time of writing over 28,000 followers on Facebook, which is good but it can always be better. Our Instagram account is relatively new and currently has more than 300 followers, we look forward to increasing the number of followers during this summers’ tour. Our followers are in the current situation people who are interested in the ship, such as deckhands, relatives of the deckhands, permanent crew, specialists and others. Interest in social media is constantly growing and is a major and important asset in attracting new investors and businesses to the ship.

As our social media blogger onboard the Swedish Ship Götheborg you will be responsible for the ongoing status updates on social media with images, text and video clips. The position as social media blogger is as a volunteer, unpaid.

The mission is to sail with the ship as our bloggers during one or more legs during the European Tour 2015. The blogger is sailing with the same conditions as a deckhand which means that you are participating in a guard but have the ability to adapt your working hours to document via photo or movie when necessary.

To be our social media blogger, we prefer that you have experience of different social media. Our goal is to get 1-3 status updates per day during the tour. You write fluently in English. Sailing skills are not required. As our blogger you are creative, inventive and find it easy to talk to people.

Sailing as a deckhand on board requires you to be in good physical shape, not having trouble climbing at high altitudes, do not have any allergies or food restrictions. You need to be flexible, have good social skills, a positive attitude and be prepared for the occasional hard work and heavy workloads.

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