Departure | 4 June

On the 4th of June at 10 a.m. the Swedish Ship Götheborg is casting off from her home port at pier four on Eriksberg in Gothenburg. Then it’s finally time for this summer’s tour and close to four months at sea.

An exciting and adventure filled time is awaiting the crew and the hundreds of inexperienced deckhands who has received the happy notification that they are accepted as part of the crew. A couple of days before casting off, the first group of people that is sailing along is arriving and the days will be packed with preparations for the voyage.

At the day of departure we are hoping for a cheerful atmosphere and a beautiful early summer weather in Gothenburg that will draw out plenty of people to wave off the ship when she leaves.


Day: 4 june
Time: 10 a.m.

Place of departure: Eriksberg Pir 4, Gothenburg

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