Oslo | 14 May – 19 May |

The Swedish Ship Götheborg is arriving in Oslo on May 14th and has been invited to be a part of the celebration of the Norwegian national day on May 17th. During the visit the ship will be open for the public and act as a host for different company events.

The Norwegian national day is celebrated in the memory of the day King Christian Frederik signed Norway’s constitution on May 17th 1814. This is celebrated in many ways, one being the children’s procession which has been a tradition in Norway since the mid 1800’s. The children’s procession is filled with marching musician corps and festively dressed children waving Norwegian flags in the air. Every year there are thousands of May 17th processions throughout Norway, everything from small marches to the big procession that goes through Oslo with tens of thousands of participants. The Oslo-procession is passing the castle where the royal family of Norway stands and waves from the balcony.

Visa Götheborg´s position in Oslo, Norway på en större karta

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