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Expedition China 2014

The departure for Expedition China 2014 is postponed until further notice!

The new adventure of 12,000 nautical miles begins with the ship’s departure from an early summers day in Sweden to warmer breezes of the Mediterranean. Then, the route will continue through the Suez Canal to finally sail into Quanzhou.

Expedition China 2014 is the start of the World Tour 2020 and is the first of many upcoming expeditions in the following years. Asian Tour 2015 is already in the planning and will be launched next year, after which new expeditions around the world will take over. The Swedish Ship Götheborg will return to its homeport in time for the city of Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary in the spring of 2021. Take the opportunity to be a part of your life’s adventure!

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For the moment we have no sailing legs open for application!

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