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Can my family visit me on board?
The immediate family members (parents, siblings, children , partner, boyfriend and girlfriend) may be taken on board without charge. The visits should be scheduled to match the ships regular opening hours to the public.

Is there Internet access on board?
As a deckhand , you will not have access to any internet board.

How will my family do if they need to get in touch with me when I’m on board?
Your family will then contact SOIC on +46 (0) 31 779 34 50. The call is automatically forwarded to a cell phone.

Can I lock my valuables ?
In each forecastle there are small compartments where you can lock your valuables

What are the rules for smoking ?
When the ship is in port, it is not allowed to smoke in front of or adjacent to the ship. Do you smoke , you must notify your command on board. This also applies to offshore.

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