Of course we want to give as many people as possible the chance to experience the life on board, although Götheborg is a special ship. The type of work on board requires that you are in good physical and mental shape. Read about the conditions and requirements needed for participate.

Working at heights

The time-typical rig means that many of the deckhands are needed when setting and handling the sails. One requirement is therefore that you must be able to climb up and help with the rigging. It is natural to feel a certain unease initially at working at such heights, but most people get used to it quickly. If you know you cannot cope with heights, you should not join the crew as you may risk both your own and your fellow sailors’ safety.

Age restrictions

To join the crew you must be over 18 before the day you sign on the ship. There is no upper limit, but medical requirements generally set a maximum of 65 years.

Medical requirements

If accepted to sail on The Swedish Ship Götheborg, you will have to fill in a health declaration confirming that your are in good physical and mental health, and that you fulfill the medical requirements to participate in work on board.

Coeliac disease and lactose intolerance will be accepted but other kinds food allergy will not. Please note that special diets will not be provided and deckhands are not allowed to bring food on board themselves.

Physically and mentally demanding work

Teamwork on board is incredibly important. The Swedish Ship Götheborg has few mechanical aids, which means it takes a lot of muscular effort and co-operation to handle the sails and the rig. You will be spending long periods of time at sea, with no opportunity to go ashore, so it is very important that you feel confident about yourself and that you are in good physical and mental shape.

No special diets

Owing to limited storage space on board, we are unable to offer custom-made meal plans such as vegetarian diets etc.

Cost of joining the crew

The cost of joining the crew for a sailing leg varies depending on the leg. Costs for sailing legs and conditions about transportation to and from ports are specified under accurate sailing legs and prior to application.

You can finance your participation in two different ways:
Self financing – you pay for your place in the crew yourself
Corporate sponsor – a company sponsors your participation (you will have to find a sponsor by yourself)

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