This morning we received information from our Chinese partner that they want to postpone the planned expedition to China with the Götheborg.

The reasons for this action is due to the current economic and political climate in China, where focus on preventing misuse of funds have led to increases sensitivity to arranging events and festivals. Additionally last years imposed currency restriction has created an atmosphere that makes it difficult to conduct a prestigious and festive reception of Götheborg upon its arrival to China.  In addition, it also becomes difficult to prepare future stopovers in Chinese cities that were planned in 2015 and 2016.

The consequence of this request is that the planned sailing to China on May 4 will be cancelled.

– It is very unfortunate news we received today from China, says Lars G Malmer, chairman of SOIC AB. It is a complete disappointment, but we must now focus on creating a business for the ship the rest of the current year and for the future. We will continue to discuss with our Chinese partners of the future, but the focus is now on other activities.

– We regret that this decision creates anxiety and uncertainty for many who are committed to the Götheborg, but we cannot risk sailing without having secured itinerary and the economy, continues Malmer.

SOIC’s Board has today decided to immediately begin work to assess and plan for alternative activities for the remainder of the current year. The Board also conveys its thanks to all who contributed to Götheborg now is in a very good condition and ready to sail.

For more information please contact:
Håkan Beskow, CEO, Svenska Ostindiska Companiet
Phone: +46 738-23 38 00 | e-mail:

Lars G Malmer, Styrelseordförande, Svenska Ostindiska Companiet
Phone: +46 705-37 15 41 | e-mail:


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