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Corporate events

A corporate event on the world’s largest sailing wooden ship can never be an ordinary experience. A guided tour is almost a must. Invite your customers to an inspiring 18th century evening with period clothing, music and food. Or perhaps a lecture about Svenska Ostindiska Companiet (the Swedish East India Company) and the Swedish Ship Götheborg. Then round off the evening with an impressive dinner on board among masts, ropes and cannons.

Example of a corporate event

A dinner aboard the Swedish Ship Götheborg is a memory for life. A glass of bubbly on arrival at the ship’s weather deck. Guests mingle around the capstan and spend a while studying the helm and compass. The guide, in period costume, announces: “Welcome to the Swedish East India Company. The night ahead is one of adventure. With food and drink, the smell of tar and salty sea spray. Welcome to a journey through time and space!”

Dinner on the gun deck

Whatever the reason for your visit – a corporate dinner, a customer meeting or that big autumn launch – we can promise you an unforgettable experience on board. The Götheborg’s gun deck has space for 80 seated guests, and the adjacent lecture hall has room for dancing, an orchestra and entertainment. If you are hosting a reception for a larger group, the ship can welcome 150 people.

Food & entertainment

Food and a show, soup with music – we have been working with musicians and artists for many years. We can help you find appropriate entertainment for your evening: an 18th century homecoming cabaret combined with different menus, or subtle background music during a lunch.

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