Modern technology on board

In order to sail the world’s oceans with a professional crew and ensure the safety of the 50 deckhands on board, the authorities and classification bodies require a lot of technical equipment. The ship has a power generator and power circuits, high-pressure sprinklers for fire safety, a modern kitchen with fridges and freezers, water generators for producing drinking water, ventilation, air conditioning and a complete laundry room. All well concealed inside the ship, thereby creating ‘two ships in one’ – one historical and one modern.


The ship is equipped with GPS, radar, satellite radio and so on. However, old navigation instruments such as an octant, a Jacob’s staff and yoke-log have also been used for study purposes. Modern equipment is an official safety requirement. Without this equipment the ship would be unable to sail the world’s oceans.

Monitoring system

There are around 600 monitoring points on board the Swedish Ship Götheborg. The system can be used to start pumps, open valves, regulate fans and much more.

In order to plan the ship’s technical maintenance, there are timers on all the equipment. On voyages the most important temperatures and pressures, along with fuel and water levels, are read and registered every four hours around the clock. Everything is meticulously documented and helps technical personnel to monitor and look after all the equipment in the best possible way. The monitoring system also includes highly sophisticated fire and safety equipment.

Engines and propellers

The ship is fitted with two folding propellers and two 550 hp engines. The power supply comes from two 180 kW generators. The engine room has an air compressor, a boiler and a bilgewater separator so that bilgewater can be emptied without leaking oil into the sea.

Tank rooms

The front cargo room has two tank rooms filled with technical equipment. There are five waterproof steel bulkheads between the rooms. Furthermore, two large floodable bilge pumps can pump up to 500 tonnes an hour. The aftmost tank room is the fuel room and can hold 36,000 litres in total. At full speed the machinery and generator consume approximately 2,000 litres a day. The stern is also home to the ship’s toilet system, connected to 12 toilets around the ship. The front tank room is the water room with water production and a laundry room.

The galley

One deck down is the galley, an ultra-modern compact kitchen with a convection oven, a hob, tiltable pans and roasters and a cold bench, for example. Next to the galley is the scullery with a dishwasher and other equipment.

Technical data

Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta 550 hp
Navigation: GPS, radar, gyrocompass, ECDIS
Satellite: Satcom B
Log: Dopplerlog
Generators: 2 x 180 kW, Volvo Penta 103
Fule tanks: 36 000 litre
Bilge pump: 500 ton/h
Firesafety:  The Technical chief Bengt-Göran Nilsson explains the technical details.

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