The Swedish Ship “Götheborg” has 26 sails in all with a total sail area of 1,964 m². The regular set comprises 18 sails with an area of 1,550 m².

At the very front under the bowsprit is the jib boom with two small square sails, the spritsail topsail and the spritsail. On the upper side of the bowsprit is a foresail, the jib. This is followed by the fore topmast staysail on the spritsail yard and the stay foresail between the bowsprit and the foremast.

The foremast has three square sails: the fore topgallant sail at the top, under that the fore topsail and at the bottom the fore sail. The mainmast has three square sails: at the top the main topgallant sail, under that the main topsail – the ship´s largest sail measuring 250 m² – and at the bottom the mainsail.

The aftermast, the mast nearest the rear of the ship, has one square sail at the top, the mizzen topsail, and the lateen mizzen sail. In addition to this there are five staysails midships that are set between the masts: the main topgallant staysail, the main topmast staysail, the main staysail, mizzen topmast staysail and the mizzen staysail.

A sketch over Götheborgs sails

1. Lateen mizzen
2. Mizzen topsail
3. Main topgallant sail
4. Main topsail
5. Mainsail
6. Fore topgallant sail
7. Fore topsail
8. Foresail
9. The jib
10.Fore topmast staysail
11.Spritsail topsail

The swedish ship “Götheborg” will also be able to raise eight studdingsails, which are set outside the other sails and are only used in light winds. The studdingsails are: two fore top studdingsails, two fore studdingsails, two main top studdingsails and two main studdingsails.

The sails are made, maintained and repaired by hand. First all the canvasses are stitched together to form a large enough area. Then the sail is cut out and the edges turned. Once this is done, details like the eyelets and bolt rope are stitched on. During voyages there are always sailmakers on board to carry out repairs when the sails are damaged. It takes eight years for a sailmaker to make all the sails for the ship, which is why new production always is carried out.


Type of sails: Square, Stay, lateen, studding
Material: Canvas
Number of sails: 26, including the studdingsails
Largest sail: Main topsail, 250 sqm
Smallest sail: Main topgallant staysail
Total sail area: 1 964 sqm

Two short videos from sail maneuverings
(in swedish)

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