The crew

The crew of Götheborg consists of about 80 people.  Twenty of these are professional crew, and the remaining are volunteered crew and deckhands.  Below is a short explanation of the different positions onboard.


The Master is the highest authority on board and is responsible for the safety of the ship and the safety, health and welfare of all persons on the ship.

Cheif Officer

The Chief Officer is the master’s deputy and responsible for the maintenance of hull, deck, interior space and navigational equipment and is also supervising and leading the deck personnel.

He/she is also responsible for inspection and maintenance of the rigging and supporting Deck Officers and Watch leaders in handling of the rigging.

2nd Officers

Responsible of his/her watch.
Preparing nautical charts prior to voyage, planning voyage. Inspections, tests and maintenance of navigational equipment and communicational equipment.

Cheif Engineer

Chief Engineer Officer is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the ship’s machinery, auxiliary equipment and ship’s electrical. He/she is also the Ship’s Fire Chief and responsible for the ship’s fire safety.

1st Engineer

1st Engineer is the Chief Engineer’s deputy and Officer in charge of the Engine Department Personnel. He is planning daily work in the engine room.


The Engineer carries out maintenance and repair work on machinery and related equipment.


The bosun is leading the deck personnel in maintenance work on hull, deck etc. He/she is also inspecting and maintaining tools and machines used onboard.

Watch leader

The Watch Leader is in charge of the deckahands in their daily work with the handling of sails and rigging, cleaning on deck and in accommodation. They is also instructing the watch in seamanship.


The Carpenter is, togheter with the bosun, responsible for ongoing maintenance on board with regard to both the historical and the modern ship, with the exception of the machinery. It can range from minor to major repairs.


The Sailmaker is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the sails on board. The Swedish Ship Götheborg  have 1964 m2 sail and a number of reserves of the main sails.

Cheif cook

Responsible for the preparation and cooking of breakfast, lunch and supper.
The Chief Cook is responsible for all purchases to the galley and supervises the work of 2:nd chef and messman.


Messman is responsible for logistics when meals are served on board and lead deckhands who assist in the gally, so called Gally-ratas. Are also responsible for the ship’s laundry and that galley and aft pantry is keept clean and tidy.


As a deckhand you will be a part in one of tree watches under the leadership of a Watch Leader and the Officer On Watch.

Starboard watch work 12-4, which means work between 12 – 4 pm and 0 – 4 am
Portside watch work 8-12, which means work between 8 –12 pm and 8 – 12 pm
Midships watch work 4-8, which means work between 4 – 8 pm and 4 – 8 am

The duties are watch keeping at sea and in harbour, handlings sails and rigging, which means work on high altitudes. Also to do maintenance work on deck, have cleaning duties and assist in the galley.


The doctor is responsible for medical care on board and reports directly to the commander. He/she contributes to preventive health care and carry out other tasks when necessary. Doctors are only on board on long voyages where it can be difficult to get medical assistance from land. If there is no doctor on board a deck officer is in charge of medical and health care matters.


Nurse is subordinate to the doctor and is responsible for the ship’s medical supplies.

The Crew

Crew: Maximum of 80
Professional crew: Approx 20
volunteers: Approx 60
Age limit: 18 years-old
Provision: 80 persons for 60 days
Spare Provision: 80 persons for 30 days


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