The hull

The Swedish Ship “Götheborg” is made of oak. Oak has been used for beams, knees and planking. More than a thousand oak logs from southern Sweden and Denmark have been used.Other important tree species include pine, spruce and elm. Pine has mainly been used for the ribs, decks and masts, spruce for the yards and spars, and elm for the blocks.

Oak timber is hard, strong and resistant to decay as it contains tannin. This is why oak has always been by far the most popular wood for shipbuilding in Europe. Three-quarters of The “Götheborg” required approximately 3,000 m³ of oak logs, a requirement that extended over some four years.

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The Swedish Ship Götheborg gradually acquired three entire decks as well as a cabin deck and sundeck. Extra reinforcement was added around the masts. The headroom on the upper and lower decks was increased by 10 cm compared to the original, which was necessary as people are slightly taller now than in the 18th century. More than 250 forged steel elbow joints were installed inside the ship to reinforce the hull crossways, and to connect the decks to the sides of the hull.

The new East Indiaman´s gun deck has ten six-pound cast iron cannon. The cannon were cast according to a drawing dating back to the 1700s from Åkers Styckebruk in the province of Södermanland, the most important cannon producer in Sweden at the time. The cannon on board will now be used for peaceful purposes, such as firing salutes on ar-rival in distant ports.



Lenght: 47 meters
Breadth: 11 meters
Freeboard: 5,5 meters
Material: Oak 75% Pine 25%
Numbers of decks: Three
Cabins: 20
Fixed beds: 42
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