Training Weekends

For all of you that can’t stay away from the smell of tar and the nice weather in Gothenburg, for the second year in a row it’s time for the Training Weekends. New for this year is that the weekends are open for everyone! Take the chance to get to know the ship, the rig, the tar and some of your future shipmates.

The Weekend is divided into 6 parts where you will learn a lot of different things. Everything from finding your way in the hull of the ship to do maintenance and furl sails in the 47meter tall rigging. The event is under 2 days and one of the days you will be helping out with maintenance, the other you will learn how to sail a 18th century tall ship.

If you haven’t been accepted to your sailing leg yet, you are still welcome with your application for the Training Weekend. You will get accepted to the weekend at the same time you get accepted for the sailing.

Price: The Training Weekends are offered for the cost price at 500 SEK. That includes food, accommodation and a book called “Skeppsboken”. In “Skeppsboken” you’ll find all the information you need for the trip later on.

Accommodation: You will we sleeping onboard the ship and it’s possible to arrive even Friday evening. Please fill in the number of nights you stay in the application.

To the application click here!

Questions about the training weekends?

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