About the Expedition

During the month of July the Swedish Ship Götheborg will visit five cities in Vänern, during Vänern Tour. The ship will be the largest sailing ship that ever sailed on Lake Vänern and the tour highlight Lake Vänern as a destination.

On the 30th of June Götheborg starts the trip up the Göta Älv. The ship will visit five cities in Vänern, where each stopover will be 3-4 days long. During the stopovers of the ship will be open to the public, and there will be exhibitions, children’s activities and entertainment on the quay.

The tour is carried out in cooperation with the cities for the stopovers and other public and private actors.

Vänern Tour is part of the four month tour, European Tour 2015, that the ship will embark on this summer.

Vänern Tour
Vänersborg 3-5 July
Kristinehamn 7-9 July
Lidköping 11-13 July
Karlstad 14-17 July
Åmål 19-21 July

Vänern Tour is carried out in cooperation with:
Karlstads kommun
Kristinehamns kommun
Lidköpings kommun
Vänersborgs kommun
Åmåls kommun


Co-financed by:
Västra Götalandsregionen
Region Värmland


Ticket system:

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