Roles on board

You need no previous experience to become a deckhand on the Swedish Ship Götheborg.


There are around 40 deckhands on the Swedish Ship Götheborg, people from all age groups and geographical origins with varying interests and levels of experience. Everyone contributes their own unique experiences from their professional and private lives, whether or not they have experience of sailing.

Your main task as a deckhand is to manage the ship’s sales and rigging, following the instructions of your watch leader. The 18th century-style rig means that managing the sails requires a great deal of climbing up the 40-metre-high rigging.

We operate a three-shift system, and the deck crew are divided into three watches (teams) across the 24-hour day. Each watch team works for four hours and is then free for eight hours. During each watch you are assigned different posts. These may for example include being at the helm (steering the ship), being on the lookout or doing a round of safety checks. You will also help prepare food in the galley (kitchen) and assist with some everyday chores such as cleaning and tidying.

Experienced Deckhand

We are looking for nine experienced deckhands for each sailing leg, who have sailed on board Götheborg before or have equivalent experience from other ships. As an Experienced Deckhand you constitute a vital part of the crew and you are expected to have good seamanship and good knowledge of sailing and the life on board. You are also expected to take the lead in the rigging and on deck in any weather or task.

You will be a part of the watch and take part in the work as a deckhand but you will also mentor those who are less experienced. In port the ship is open to public and during these days you are working as a guide on board, but you also help out in the merchandise shop, help as a gangway watch etc.

To participate as an experienced deckhand, requirements for participate as a deckhand must be met, but you also need a Basic Safety (STCW), a seafarer’s book and a medical certificate for seagoing personnel. Your participation is free and we encourage you to plan a future in shipping.

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For the moment we have no sailing legs open for application!

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