School visits

School visits

Visiting the Swedish Ship Götheborg is an exciting experience for children of all ages. You are met by a guide in period costume on the pier, and then taken on a fascinating adventure focusing on the Swedish Ship Götheborg in the past and present.

Over the course of an hour you get to hear about the history of the Swedish East India Company, about life on board during the adventurous voyages of the 18th century, the construction of the Swedish Ship Götheborg and today’s expeditions. An inspiring tale that has a natural link to several school subjects, such as history and geography. If the weather is fair, why not bring a packed lunch to eat on the quayside after the tour?



To make a reservation please contact Cecilia Bothorp.
Phone: 031-779 34 50


Students: 50 SEK                  (Pre school, Elementary School and High School)
Teachers: Free of Charge     (1 per 10 students)
Other adults: 100 SEK
A minimum of 30 students

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