Christmas Spread

Celebrate Christmas aboard the East Indiaman Götheborg – a highlight for friends and colleagues. Enjoy an atmospheric celebration with a historical Christmas spread aboard the ship located in the heart of Gothenburg’s harbor entrance.

Celebrate Christmas in the spirit of the 18th century

Experience the Christmas mood in a fascinating unique setting with a feeling of adventure. During the Christmas season we offer a Christmas spread aboard the Ship’s Gun Deck or in the Ship Hall for larger groups. You can choose between a traditional Christmas dinner and a Christmas-inspired three- or four-course menu, and experience the different smells and tastes of Christmas.


mor information & price details

Cecilia Bothorp
Event Manager
Phone: +46 736 465 395




More information about our Christmas Spread 2018 will be released in August

Capacity & Facilities


Minimum amount of persons:

On board:
Big Cabin: 15 persons (maximum 18 persons)
Gun Deck: 30 persons (maximum 72 persons)

On the pier:
Ship Hall: 40 persons (maximum 60 persons)

Food & Drinks


We collaborate with well-renowned restaurateurs in Gothenburg and are able to customize a catering event suiting your preferences.



We have a longstanding collaboration with musicians and artists, and can help you find appropriate entertainment for your evening. Imagine a brass orchestra welcoming the mingling guests on board. The evening could for instance unexpectedly end with a humorous magic show. Or why not have a cover band perform during dinner? Your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience regardless.

Guided Tour


Jazz up your event with a guided tour, let our knowledgeable lecturers take you on an eventful 18th century journey or challenge each other with a cheerful pentathlon. Contact Cecilia Bothorp, Event Manager, mobile: +46 736465395, e-mail: