Corporate Event

Invite your costumers and co-workers to a unique experience onboard the East Indiaman Götheborg. Enjoy dinner and drinks In a fascinating and exiting environment, aboard among masts, ropes and canons. A corporate event on the East Indiaman Götheborg can never be an ordinary experience. Welcome to a journey through time and space!

Invite your co-workers and customers to a ship loaded with experiences – All year around!

Keep your corporate event, conference or dinner in a unique setting lined with captivating stories and the tremendous art of shipbuilding. Invite customers to an inspiring 18th century evening with historical clothes, food, drinks and salty sea spray. A atmospheric dinner can be enjoyed aboard the ship among the masts, ropes and cannons.

We have all the possibilities to invite you to experience beyond the usual!

Combine business with pleasure - book an experience package with activities on board

Why not combine the event or conference with fun activities on board for all participants? Divide into smaller groups, similar to the groups that the crew was divided into during the ship’s expeditions all over the world. Participate in all from adventure activities, such as climbing the 47 meter high rig, to more still activities, such as learning how to tie a knot. The activities can also be combined to competitions between the different teams.

Suggestions for activities:

- Climb the rig
- Brace a yard
- Walk the capstan
- Trow a heaving line
- Learn to tie a knot
- Porcelain painting in the 18th century style
- Learn how a hammock hangs up and test it



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We customize your event according to your own requirements. For price details concerning your event, contact Cecilia Bothorp, Event Manager, mobile: +46 736465395, e-mail:

Capacity & Facilities


On board:

Gun deck: Maximum 72 seated guests
Sun deck (outdoors): Maximum 150 standing guests
Big Cabin: Maximum 18 seated guests
Small Cabin: Maximum 6 seated guests

On the pier:
Ship Hall: Maximum 60 guests for meal arrangements, maximum 85 for theatre/cinema seetings.

Food & Drinks


We collaborate with well-renowned restaurateurs in Gothenburg and are able to customize a catering event suiting your preferences.



We have a longstanding collaboration with musicians and artists, and can help you find appropriate entertainment for your evening. Imagine a brass orchestra welcoming the mingling guests on board. The evening could for instance unexpectedly end with a humorous magic show. Or why not have a cover band perform during dinner? Your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience regardless.



Jazz up your event with a guided tour, let our knowledgeable lecturers take you on an eventful 18th century journey, or challenge each other with a cheerful pentathlon. Contact Cecilia Bothorp, Event Manager, mobile: +46 736465395, e-mail: