How to apply

Ready to apply for a position on board the world's largest wooden sailing ship? We are looking for deckhands. As a deckhand you will meet loads of new friends, work hard and learn a lot, but this is going to be one of your greatest adventures and experience. Apply now and join us this summer!


Unfortunately we don't have any open positions for professional crew right now. But you can sign up for our monthly newsletter. When we are going to recruit for next years expedition we will publish it there

Deckhands (Paying position)

How to apply for deckhands?

  1. If you have read the terms and conditions, please follow the link to our registration system below.

  2. Sign up for an account.

  3. After you registered you will get a confirmation email to validate your account (please check your spam box if it’s not in your regular inbox).

  4. Complete your profile (you are only able to apply if your profile is complete).

  5. You are ready to apply for a sailing leg!

How to apply for a sailing leg? (PAAM)

  1. To book a sailing leg, press “apply”.

  2. Choose which sailing legs you want to apply for.

  3. Press “info & apply” of the specific sailing leg you want to apply for.

  4. If you have been on the pier volunteering during 2020 and 2021 you can also request discount by ticking the box. Read more about our discount policy here.

  5. Press “apply”.

  6. You will get a confirmation email.

When you have been accepted for a sailing leg

  1. You will get a confirmation email from the crew manager with further instructions about payment.

  2. You need to pay the sign-up fee within 7 days, otherwise you will lose your position on board.

  3. Your status will change into: Accepted.

When you have not been accepted for a sailing leg**

  1. Your status will change into either: Waiting list or Cancelled.

  2. You will receive an email to confirm you are on the waiting list or that your registration has been cancelled by the organization.

  3. **This can have three reasons:
    a) There were to many applicants for this sailing leg (you are invited to apply for another sailing leg).
    b) We need to have a more mixed group considering age and gender (to make sure all tasks on board can be done).
    c) You haven’t met our regulations concerning your health (for example allergies, sickness or use of medication).