The East Indiaman Götheborg is a part of the rich range of culture and experiences of Västra Götaland and the City of Gothenburg. Starting from the year 2017 and onwards, it will become a new historical visitor destination in Gothenburg, and will be located in the new Quay of Masthuggen, “Nya Masthuggskajen”. Surrounding the East Indiaman, an experience centre will be created on a newly built peninsula as a part of the rich cultural range within its neighbouring area. The setting genuine and suiting as it used to be a place where masts were cut and where sailing boats were rigged before sailing out across the world.

“Masthuggskajen” – located between Järntorget, Långgatorna (the Long streets), and the harbour, is a permissive place that has always had a soul closely connected to the world. With a pulse and cultural dynamics, the area continues to be a place of international impression that ties the city together. It is a place filled with contrasts of old and new, large and small, of shops, street life, and meetings. It provides an easy and sustainable place to live and operate in, where you can stand out and take part in creating new history.

The area “Masthuggskajen” will be an extensive construction site starting from 2018 (planned construction start) till 2021, which is when significant parts of “Masthuggskajen” are expected to be complete. Until the new dock on “Masthuggskajen” is ready for the East Indiaman Götheborg, the ship will remain on Pier Four 2 in Eriksberg.


1200 - 1300 new residences
140 000 - 150 000 square meters of area for offices, local businesses, and culture
Start of construction: 2018
Move-in: starting from 2020

“Masthuggskajen” is being developed by the City of Gothenburg and a consortium consisting of Elof Hansson Real Estate, People’s House Gothenburg, NCC, Riksbyggen, Stena Real Estate Gothenburg, and Älvstranden Development.