On August 8, the Greencarrier Group, signed an agreement that will allow the Swedish Ship Götheborg to sail again. Together with Greencarrier and all other sponsors, we will make this happen. This is a collaboration beyond every day business. it’s a collaboration built on passion. It fits our businesses, what we all believe in and stand for and now our ambition is to create an expedition worth waiting for. So if you feel that you’d fit in, hop on board!


Kristoffer Bennis

Expedition Director

Mobile: +46 73 390 20 02


Greencarrier AB - A sustainable logistics solution provider

Greencarrier is a team of 950 dedicated employees operating in 11 countries. Every day, we provide 15.000 customers worldwide with sustainable logistics solutions. Whether you need to ship your goods by sea, air, road, or rail, we can make it happen.  


A perfect match based on heritage and future

Greencarrier is based on the Swedish heritage of commerce and shipping and on the fact that they want to do sustainable business between people, companies and between countries.

SOIC basically share common values on which Greencarrier base their operations on a daily basis. Without humor & joy, dedication and participation, neither Greencarrier nor SOIC would have come a long way. Being a value-driven company does not happen by producing some words that will symbolize what we believe in and what we stand for. Being a value-driven company is when everyone, regardless of function, knows how to act every day to live the values, culture and brand. You know the difference between doing a job and getting involved in your job, for real. That is why we often say that, had we not had our staff at Greencarrier, then we would not have existed. And that’s why thousands of amazing volunteers do wonders as they give of their time to the Swedish Ship. It’s so strong. And it is for real!

When we start our journey towards a sustainable future with commerce, shipping and logistics as our base, Svenska Ostindiska Companiet is simply our starting point. We are proud of our origins and we want to build on that in the future.

Greencarrier may “only” turn 20 next year, but our history goes much further back in time. That is why we want SOIC and the ship to become our natural symbol and platform to do so.

Stefan Björk
Owner of Greencarrier Group




Jotun etablerades i Sandefjord, Norge år 1926 och är idag Nr.9 bland de största färgföretagen world wide med över 9800 anställda. Bolaget finns etablerat inom fyra segment; Dekorativ, Marin, Industri och Pulver. Jotun har fyra kärnvärden; Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness som representerar Penguin Spirit.


UPS-teknik är sedan 2002 en helhetsleverantör inom säker strömförsörjning. Våra UPS-anläggningar, batterier och reservkraftverk har hög kvalitet och god driftsäkerhet. Teknikkunskap och kvalitet är byggstenar i företaget och det som genomsyrar våra kunniga teknikers och övriga medarbetares arbete.

ER Kylinstallation AB

ER Kylinstallation AB har ambitionen att vara ett innovativt och tekniskt utvecklande företag med strävan att hitta den bästa lösningen för våra kunder och dessutom vara öppna för ny och bättre teknik i en bransch som ständigt utvecklas.


Katapuls tillverkar pulsonex-pannan samt tillhandahåller nya och gamla kunder med support  och reservdelar till dessa pannor.

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