Information about Covid-19

Uppdaterad: 3 jun 2020

We at SOIC Shipmanagement AB are really sad and concerned about how the corona virus (Covid-19) affects people and companies around us. We also feel the consequences for our upcoming sailing expedition this summer. However, in order to have a reasonable readiness to complete this summer's expedition, we continue to prepare the ship and take actions needed. We follow the development closely and take necessary decisions based on this.

It is difficult to predict the future but we do everything we can to maintain some form of normalcy. The safety and well-being of our employees, crew, partners and guests is our top priority and we follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority (; - Stay at home if you do not feel well - Wash your hands frequently - Wait at least two days after you get well before going to work.

At the pier and on the ship we have activities coming up that we intend to carry out as planned;

- Working weekend 21-22 / 3 - The fantastic volunteers who are booked into the working weekend are most welcome. For health and safety reasons, it’s important that we follow the recommendations and use common sense when there is work done in groups during these weekends.

- Shipyard 25/3 - The ship will dock at Gotenius shipyard to complete unfinished maintenance work remaining after the latest shipyard visit in October 2019.  

We are convinced that, in crisis like this, we can help each other, and stand strong together when time turns.

SOIC Ship Management AB

Peter Alexandersson