• susanneklip

Meet our new colleague!

Name: Anna Holmdahl White

Responsible for: Partner sales

Describe yourself in three words:

Well, I love to talk, I am very open and social. Haha! I have a strong focus when working as well. I love working towards a goal in a great team. I think I have found a perfect project and I am very much looking forward to this journey.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Yes of course! I grew up in Ljungskile and started sailing when I was 11 years old. I fell in love with it from the beginning and even my parents were impressed by my strong commitment. I was sailing optimist dinghy at a sailing club and raced in the Opti until I was 15. Then I switched to the 420-dinghy class and attended several national and international regattas and championships. I got the chance to attend sports high school to be able to combine my sailing career with my studies. After the exams I wanted to learn French and I found out a sailing academy in La Rochelle, where I stayed for one year and then moved to Southampton where I had some connections and could combine language studies and racing. In 1994 I returned to Sweden and started to study at Gothenburg university of business, economics, and law. After my degree at university, I became more involved in the business part of sailing as a project manager at GKSS Match Race Centre.

In the meantime, I had started sailing match racing with an all-female team and could see the huge difference between women and men in sailing. We nursed a dream to be able to live out of our sailing but there were few professional opportunities. Sweden has always been a front player in developing sailing events, and I saw the possibilities what spectator-oriented sailing events could bring. Many of the men’s tour events added a women class but it was hard to combine two classes and give the women class full attention. Luckily, partners saw the potential in sailing and women in sport and the business opportunities it brings. So, I got the idea to organise the world’s premier female sailing event and build a show case what a professional sailing series for women could bring. Lysekil Women’s Match was born, and the first event took place in August 2004.The event has grown since then and has now become one of the favourite events among the world’s best women sailors and has been the host for the Women Match Racing World Championships in 2009 and 2019.

When did your relationship with the ship start?

Before the trip to China, I knew some persons working close to the project and was fascinated by the story and width of the expedition and ‘Götheborg project’. I followed the project and was impressed when I saw the TV coverage from the welcoming in China. It made me understand how unique this ship and her story is. So, I was very happy to welcome the ship to be part of the opening ceremony for the World Championship in Lysekil in 2009.

What are you most looking forward to in your new job?

To get the possibility and be able to work with The Swedish Ship Götheborg for the Asia Tour is truly exciting. I am really looking forward to working with the ship and her special history and to develop new possibilities together with strong partners and other stakeholders.