Now the focus is on China 2021 - Covid-19 stops Expedition 2020

Uppdaterad: 22 jun 2020

China is now in focus. A unified Board and Management of SOIC Ship Management AB agree to invest wholeheartedly in sailing to China in 2021 as Covid-19 make it impossible to sail this summer.

Discussions and negotiations with stakeholders in both China and Sweden and other countries have been difficult to carry out due to Covid-19. The discussions will be progressively intensified when personal contacts and meetings become possible once again.

The maintenance work on the Swedish Ship Götheborg will however continue, although at a slower pace as this year's sailing is now canceled. To manage the negative financial consequences of not being able to sail, no revenue, SOIC Ship Management AB must also take measures such as short-term permits.

The Swedish Ship is a very attractive and exciting destination in the Gothenburg harbor for visitors. Preparations are therefore initiated to step up the visitor activity on board the ship as soon as the situation has stabilized, and the authorities ease restrictions on large crowds of people. The possibility of carrying out events on board will also be resumed.

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SOIC Ship Management AB Peter Alexandersson CEO