Expedition 2020 is temporarily postponed

Uppdaterad: 22 jun 2020

Due to current circumstances and the uncertainty of the spread of coronavirus, The  Board of SOIC Ship Management has decided to postpone this year's Expedition temporarily. The Board fully supports that we continue to plan for this summer's  Expedition and therefore we will now continue to make adjustments for the sailing schedule with fewer port visits. The preparations of the Swedish Ship Götheborg continues according to plan at the home Port of Gothenburg. In addition, the organization is fully focused on replanning with the aim to carry out an exciting Expedition in the latter part of this summer.

Given the times we now live in, we sincerely hope that the spread of the virus has calmed and that our society, at that time, has begun to return to some kind of normal state. The company continuously follows the recommendations and directives issued by the Government and various authorities.

Peter Alexandersson CEO